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A huge #phonar thank you to Martin Hawksey for building this and to Alan Levine for walking me through. Truck on over to Martin’s blog to make your own visualisation.

“Open courses can be quite solitary experiences but visualising networks can help to show participants how their conversations connect the community providing opportunities for situation awareness” @mhawksey


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  • This is impressive! Congratulations to the people behind it, I will certainly use it! Visualisation is one of the most interesting ways of producing meaningful information out of raw data which is already employed in various fields. I am glad to see the phonar community in action. If you are into music and looking for new stuff check this http://audiomap.tuneglue.net/ I ‘ll see if I can compile a list with similar applications from my beloved browser bookmarks!

  • Peter Wilson

    Ha! Brilliant tool!

  • Kate Green

    My name looks big on this….

    • jw

      Yup, you are prominent in the network, if you click on the Top Tweeters and Top Conversationalists you’ll find more info. Also, try dragging nodes around and clicking on people – you’ll unpick the network as you do – I’d like us to think about how we can use this information when we consider strategies for engagement and dissemination for your projects.

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Phonar - [fo-'när] is a free and open undergraduate photography class run by Jonathan Worth

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